Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello and welcome to Jim Passmore's Blog! Today i want to bring up something new coming with our business promotion! We are now offering our airboat tourists the chance to win a FREE 1 hour Air Boat tour! You are probably thinking to yourself, oh no, this is some sort of scam or it is something that is just too out of the way or too difficult to complete.... Nonsense! All you have to do, is while on our tour or if you have already had our tour, is take a picture of your favorite part of the tour! It could be a picture of an alligator, bird, some scenery, or heck even if its a picture of some dirt you have the chance to WIN! The picture with the best resolution, quality, and subject matter will count towards who will win or not. The picture needs to be emailed to to be reviewed by me personally. Also the picture that is chosen to win will be used on our own very website (with your consent of course).
 You can not afford to not take a chance at this Event!

        Have your cameras ready, eyes wide open, and have a wonderful day!
-Captain Jim

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